Who Are We Now?

This project started many years ago with “The Ancient Beast”. However it did not have a cohesive meaning until the pandemic. The first, was just an experiment and self exploratory, borrowing on the idea of “what does that cloud look like to you?” I decided to take a hard look at trees but in particular their skin. Photographers often use the tree as a whole with its foliage adorned seasonally to convey emotion. However we are selective in choosing the prime years but in death they can reveal intimate imagination to different viewpoints.

Waste not, use everything.

The pandemic years was like a blackhole for the world, pulling on a planetary scale all individuals into a close cyber space. We noticed one another but also our preferences, viewpoints and flaws were exposed. With the internet being the roadways to connect every island, the media space became the stadium where we starred our gladiators. We all chose our champions but not only did we choose but we were transformed into combatants, ready for the next match. What a spectacle the show was. The bantering and posturing of our thoughts as we duel with sharpened words and we pound our podiums, to topple one another. We mused daily on who would be next to be brought down their perch.

We all thought the spectacle was entertaining, different, engaging, important, frightening. As it prolonged, the spectacle changed. The combatants no longer confined themselves to the stadium but spilled into the real domain. It became darker, unrecognizable, prevalent, repeating, and sometimes violent, in shadows that stalk standing next to the light.

Everyday we hear the chatter and whispers. Soon they become thoughts circling, landing, growing [unwanted thoughts]. It permeates so thoroughly into us [Flesh, Bone & Sinew]. Our thoughts transform us from within [Corruption From Within] until our outer mirrors the inner [The Ancient Beast]. Some marvel at their sight and proudly proclaim, this is their truest free form. Some will struggle [Perdition] in the daily punishment of unrelenting push and pull of this transformation. They yearn of past or to get past the current state. The fiercest battles are fought from within the mind [Clashing Spirits]. Science versus Belief, Fantasy versus Logic, Truth versus Rumor. Finally, a victor remains and our thoughts are calm and in agreement with our heart, we are reborn [Phoenix] and we look in the mirror, who are we now today? [Dryad]


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